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About This Website

This website is hosted on my very first VPS. Given that I haven't done any web development in a long, long time (but plenty of Linux development) it's very much going to be an educational experience. I want to use this site to document my various personal projects and eventually I'll write a nice Ruby on Rails application to do that. I've got this wonderful vision in my head about pull-out circuit diagrams, gallery and blogging components, live data from my Internet connected projects and lots of other Good Stuff (tm). I guess this site is a project as well, but using it to document itself might cause a divide-by-zero error or something >.>

Currently the VPS is running Debian 6 and the following odds and sods. This list is likely to get a lot longer over time.

About Tryst

From WikiFur:

Tryst (real name Robert Barnes; born October 23rd, 1986, in Swansea, Wales) is a furry and creator of fursuit items.

In 2009 Tryst graduated from the University of Surrey, in Guildford, England as a Master of Engineering in electronic and satellite engineering. It was during his many years at university that he discovered furry. He now works as an electronic engineer for a prestigious research agency in the UK.

Tryst has been involved with RBW since its second year in 2007. In the beginning his involvement was limited to technical provisions such as sound, light and staging. However, his responsibilities have grown considerably over the years. With the departure of Foxberance from the team in early 2009, Tryst took on the majority of the convention's administrative work including financial planning, project management and running the back-end limited company, ARF.